Friday, May 23, 2008

Stroke of Insight

I was recently so moved by a video shared by Kris & Kraig on the Trikaya Tribes blog that I had to finally jump into the blogosphere myself.

The embedded video below aptly title “My stroke of insight” was filmed in February of 2008 during a conference that is devoted to the converging fields of technology, entertainment and design.

The speaker at Ted Talks was Jill Bolte Taylor who got a research opportunity few brain scientists would wish for: She had a massive stroke, and watched as her brain functions—motion, speech, self-awareness –- shut down one by one.

Watch the video and take a moment each and everyday to Step2theRight.

Only light can recognize light

If you are drawn to an enlightened teacher, it is because there is already enough presence in you to recognize presence in another. 

There were many people who did not recognize Jesus or the Buddha, as there are and always have been many people who are drawn to false teachers. Egos are drawn to bigger egos. Darkness cannot recognize light. Only light can recognize light. So don’t believe that the light is outside you or that it can can only come through one particular form. If only your master is an incarnation of God, then who are you? Any kind of exclusivity is identification with form, and identification with form means ego, no matter how well disguised.

Use the masters presence to reflect your own identity beyond name and form back to you and to become more intensely present yourself. You will soon realize that there is no “mine” or “yours” in presence. Presence is one.

Group work can also be helpful for intensifying the light of your presence. A group of people coming together in a state of presence generates a collective energy field of great intensity. It not only raises the degree of presence of each member of the group but also helps to free the collective human consciousness from its current state of mind dominance. This will make the state of presence increasingly more accessible to individuals. However, unless at least one member of the group is already firmly established in it and thus can hold the energy frequency of that state, the egoic mind can easily reassert itself and sabotage the group’s endeavors. Although group work is invaluable, it is not enough, and you must not come to depend on it. Nor must you come to depend on a teacher or a master, except during the transitional period, when you are learning the meaning and practice of presence.

-Eckhart Tolle

Getting Started with ExpressionEngine

Expression Engine sets the table for success and continuity planning by crafting this post and featuring this post as the default entry.

I wonder how many time the default post is actually published online. Any ideas?

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